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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sergо Kobuladze (Georgian artist, 1909 -1978)

Sergo Kobuladze was one of the prominent artists of Georgia. He was born in 1909 and studied in the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. His teachers were G. Gabashvili, E. E. Lansere, J. A. Charlemange. During the studies in the Academy S. Kobuladze showed great interest towards the Italian Renaissance and to the monuments of ancient Goergian Art and all thi s influence greatly developed the Artist's outlook. In the period of 1951-1959 he was the Rector of the Art Academy. Great importance in S. Kobuladze's work is attached to book illustrations. In 1934-1935 he made drawing for the Georgian adition of Shakespeare's tragedies, and after that in 1935-1937 he made a series of illustration for Rustaveli's "Knight in the Panthe r's Skin". He also created illustrations to the epic poem "The Lay of Igor'Host" (1939-1940), drawing for Shakespeare's "King Lear", for Sh. Dadiani's novel "Juri Bogolubski" (1951). The painter also worked as theatrical painter too. His talent of a painter and monumentalist becomes apparent in the sketches of dresses and scenes which he made for Tbilisi Marjanishvili and Rustaveli Theaters, the Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet, f or the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. Sergo Kobuladze's contribution to the development of Georgian Art is great both as of an artist and as of a teacher, educating new generations of masters.

Illustration for the Poem "Knight in the Panther's Skin"

"0 One God, who has created the form of every man's body,
Assist us, give us strength, to conquer the wiles of Satan;
Fill us with longing for love, endless, enduring to death!
Lighten the load of sins we must bear to the world to come!" ― Shota Rustaveli

"Man, do not complain at fate. Be content and accept it.
Let the warrior always be brave, let the worker enjoy his labour;
So let the love-maddened man learn the meaning of love and know it.
Disdain not the love of another nor let him disdain yours"  ― Shota Rustaveli

“Know that a rose without thorns has never been plucked” ― Shota Rustaveli

"Love is sacred and tender, hard to know or define. 
It is not kindred to lust; it is something beyond it - divine. 
Love is one thing, lust another; in no way do they mingle.
Between true love and lust lies an impregnable boundary."― Shota Rustaveli

“That which we give makes us richer, that which is hoarded is lost” ― Shota Rustaveli

“Death finds his way unimpeded, be the path narrow or rocky” ― Shota Rustaveli, The Knight in the Panther's Skin

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