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Monday, March 25, 2013

Edward Ladell - Still Life (British artist, 1821-1886)

Edward Ladell was a British still-life painter. Little is known of his personal life. Born in Colchester, he spent his early teens working for his father who was a respected coach builder. After many years working in Colchester, he moved to the West Country, eventually settling in Exeter. Although he was an entirely self-taught artist, he developed a very distinct style of still-life most certainly drawn from the Dutch tradition. Ladell’s paintings have a Victorian richness of colour. It makes them instantly recognisable, and his consistent high quality has ensured their continued popularity. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1856 to 1886. Examples of his work can be seen today in art galleries of Bristol, Colchester, Exeter, Harrogate, Reading and Sheffield.
Still Life with Prawns
Pears, Grapes, A Greengage, Plums A Stoneware Flask And A Wicker Basket 
Still Life with Birds Nest
Still life with a birds nest and fruit

Still Life with Birds Nest and Fruit 
Still Life With A Birds Nest, Roses, A Melon And Grapes
Still Life with Peaches, Whitecurrants, Hazelnuts, A Glass 
Fruit and Birdsnest
Still Life with Birds Nest
Still Life with Glass
Mixed flowers in a Chinese vase with grapes and a wine roemer
Still life with Chinese vase
Still life with wine goblet
Still Life of Fruit
Still Life With Fruit, Birds Nest, Glass Vase And Casket
Still Life with Peaches, Whitecurrants, Hazelnuts, a Glass 
Still Life with a Pheasant, Grapes, Hazelnuts and a Hock Glass 
A Still Life of Black Grapes
Still Life With Grapes

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