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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Friday, March 15, 2013

Juan Pablo Salinas y Teruel (Spanish artist, 1871-1946)

Juan Pablo Salinas was born in Madrid in 1871. He studied at the San Fernando School of Fine Art. In 1886 he moved to Rome where his older brother Augustin, also a painter, was there since 1883 on a scholarship awarded to him by the government of Saragossa. The two brothers lived in Augustin's studio at Via Margutta in Rome. At the same street there was Chigi Academy where Juan Pablo took classes. In 1887 Juan Pablo attended the National Exhibition of Madrid. Ancient and medieval subjects of his paintings was taken after his brother and influenced by the Florentine school. Later, his works dealing with every day life particularly depicting popular Italian and Spanish scenes. The magazine "Illustacion Artistica" commenting his works "His key characteristic is the poetry he brings to all his paintings (including his genre works) in depicting our everyday life, and landscapes". He was impressed by techniques of Ernst Messonier while he exhibited at Roger Salons in Fra! nce and his success among dealers and collectors was due to his rich colouring and precious style of his delicate and fanciful brushwork as seen in this piece. He was collector of antiques which he used as props in his paintings. J.P. Salinas paintings were sold for extremely high prices in Italy, Central Europe, Russia and America. He is extensively listed and highly collected to this day.

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