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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Manuel Wssel De Guimbarda (Trinidad, Cuba, 1833-Cartagena, 1907).

Wssel de Guimbarda (Havana, 26.11.1833-Cartagena 9.5.1907) was a painter of the local Spanish oligarchs of the Restoration. In his Sevillian period as well as in the end of his life in Cartagena, Wssel appears as a multifaceted painter, producing a wide range of works that include all genres. He was a part of the ruling local elite in Cartagena. His life, from his return to the Peninsula until his death in 1907, was marked by his membership in this social group. Besides, a more general analysis of the development of his family, demonstrates how, by a peculiar path of an artist, Wssel de Guimbarda managed to transform the military traditions of his family into a municipal cartagenese oligarchy.
A Spanish beauty
Spanish balcony
Having settled in one of the best regions of Cartagena, Guimbarda realized a true artistic "dictatorship" in the city until his death in 1907. He realized the most important public decorations (as the decoration of the Cultural club, the headquarters of the Company of Electricity Anhemeyer, the Principal Theatre of Cartagena, several portraits of illustrious prominent figures for the Town hall, the decoration of the Imperial cafeteria, etc.). We also shouldn’t forget his work for the churches of Santa Maria de Gracia y de Caridad in Cartagena, the parochial Church of Totana or the Collegiate of San Patricio in Lorca. Besides, his pedagogic activity provided him with numerous disciples who continued his work and preserved his memory beyond the day of his death, the 9 of May 1907.

Lady with Mantilla
Genre Scene at the Alcázar of Seville
Ring-Shaped Pastry Sellers
Washing in the Courtyard
Wssel of Guimbarda. Fresh from the chapel of the Virgin. Church of Charity. Cartagena.
Wssel of Guimbarda. Allegory of Justice. Oil on canvas, 300x150. Gomiz Perfumery. Cartagena.
Wssel of Guimbarda. Allegory. Oil on canvas. Ruano Palace. Lorca. Murcia.
Wssel of Guimbarda. Allegory. Oil on canvas. Ruano Palace. Lorca. Murcia.
Wssel of Guimbarda. Allegory. Oil on canvas. Ruano Palace. Lorca. Murcia.
Wssel of Guimbarda, to 1890-95. Bacchanal. Oil on canvas, 28x45 cm. Collection Pedreño Augustine. Cartagena.
* * *
(Source: Wssel of Guimbarda and society of his time. Ayuntamiento de Cartagena and Fundación Caja Murcia, 2008.)

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