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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Olivier Joseph Coomans (Belgian, 1816-1889)

The late Joseph Coomans was one of the most popular of European painters with American collectors, and the sale of his works in this country alone made him a very rich man. He was a native of Brussels, and a pupil of Professor Hasselaere at Ghent, and of Nicaise de Keyser and Baron Wappers at the Antwerp Academy. From Antwerp he removed to Paris, and going with the French army to Algiers, where he resided several years, he later traveled extensively in Italy, Turkey, Greece, and the Crimea.
A Young Woman of Leisure
At this time he painted historical and portrait subjects, but in 1857 he visited Italy, and became interested in the remains of ancient Pompeii, which were then being excavated. From this time forth he took up the line of subjects which made him famous. He had two daughters, both of whom possessed remarkable artistic gifts, and who, as his pupils, became well-known painters. Some years before his death he visited America, residing here for a prolonged period, and his daughters accompanied him and became favorites in the best New York society.
 A young beauty

Portrait of a Woman
The Mask
The Last Hour of Pompei
Sappho and Mitylene
Olivier Coomans
Feeding The Turtle
An Afternoons Amusement
A classical concert Pierre
A Neapolitan beauty
A Young Beauty holding a Fan
Roman Beauty

A Warm Exchange
Family Life in Pompeii
Her Favorite Pet
The Farewell
The old Doll
The Summons

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