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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Russian fantasy art by Vsevolod Ivanov

Today we have Magical & Myth Russian Folk Paintings by Vsevolod Borisovich Ivanov.Vsevolod Ivanov has always called for the rich history ofRussia. He always believed that the history of our ancestors mercilessly distorted and eradicated from our minds. This is very much reflected in his work. Vsevolod Borisovich Ivanov was born on August 14, 1950 in Belomorsk. 1978 – Graduated from art school Tver specialty graphic designer. Prior to 1974, he participated in the municipal, regional and single-Union exhibition of amateur artists. However, over the past decade, it became possible to publish literature of ancient and authentic ancient record of the Russian people. And I, a man who knocked fifty years, had, as a student, to learn this splendor. The cycle of “Vedic Russia” will continue until the end of the allotted period of life. My work – bridge on a sunny and beautiful world of our Russian past. Express Yourself, I’ll dive into the world of our solar Russian past. And the sight of paintings by artists such as V. Korolkov and B. Olshansky – a great joy. Realize that the power of the brush, despite the development of photo, film and animation all well as strong as it was 200 years ago. Every painting describes magically 200 years Old Russian civilization and culture.
The Two Faces of Peryn
Magical Myth Russian Folk-Paintings
In the Town of Slovenske
Dragons Captured

The Two Faces of Peryn
A Manifestation in June
Orders for the Hyperborean Fleet
The Last Ship
The Secret of Lake Brosno
A Feast of the Sea Goddess
The Great Taboo
The Realm of the Survivors of Svyatogor
The Temple of Sventovida in Arkona
The Morning of the Summer Solstice
The Arrival of the Russian Sorcerer
A Raid of the Amazons
A Comet

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