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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Thursday, March 28, 2013

THEMED PAINTINGS - Chess in Paintings

"Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make people happy." - Siegbert Tarrasch

The game of chess found itself closely connected to arts in general since immemorial times. Ages ago, the first representations of people playing this game were done by artists. Ever since, the game and its complex designs was used as a motif in many artistic productions (paintings, engravings, drawings, photography, motion pictures, musical tracks, advertisements, etc). Surprisingly or not, there are so many paintings using chess as a main theme - over 500! Which give us the permission to even say that chess is the favourite game illustrated by painters in their works of art. What could have possibly intrigued so much all these artists? Maybe the power of symbolism, the mysticism, the richness of imagination?! Maybe because chess is an image of life? Or because the game, as we know, has several conventional connotations, including high-class status, intellectual virtuosity, political struggle, and artistic resourcefulness? Probably a little bit of all...(http://www.alinalami.com/2011/01/chess-in-paintings.html)
Franz von Matsch. Leonardo da Vinci playing chess with his muse
Carved boxwood and leather-cased travelling chess set, German, 18th century
Imprimу book in 1790, Philidor (analysis еchecs)
History of Alexander the Great. XV-e siеcle, Cassiel and Phésona - playing еchecs

Thumbnail of Juan de Carrion. Nineteenth century knight CIFAR observe the enemy chess
Minne box chess set (1351 - 1375)
Illustration de Nur ad-Din Abd ar-Rahman Jami Haft Awrang Persian youth playing chess  (1468 - 1485)
Manuscript of the novel Guiron Courtois Rusticien of Pisa (1370 - 1380)
Court ladies playing India Uttar Pradesh Lucknow to 1780-1800
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.  Arab chess
Albert Joseph Franke. Chess Players
Unknown Artist 19th Century Faust and Mephistopheles playing chess
Bordone, Paris (1500 - 1571). Les joueurs d'echec
Johann Tishbeyn, Conradin of Swabia. 1784
George Whiting Flagg. The Chess Players Checkmate
John Northcote. Chess Players
Cornelis de Man, (1621 - 1706) Chess players
Jean-Leon Gerome. Amehs Playing Chess in a Cafe
 Ivory chess set, 18th century

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