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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Saturday, March 23, 2013

THEMED PAINTINGS - The Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel

Up until this point in the Bible, the whole world had one language - one common speech for all people. The people of the earth became skilled in construction and decided to build a city with a tower that would reach to heaven. By building the tower they wanted to make a name for themselves and also prevent their city from being scattered. God came to see their city and the tower they were building. He perceived their intentions, and in His infinite wisdom, He knew this "stairway to heaven" would only lead the people away from God. He noted the powerful force within their unity of purpose. As a result, God confused their language, causing them to speak different languages so they would not understand each other. By doing this, God thwarted their plans. He also scattered the people of the city all over the face of the earth.

Lucas van Valckenborch: The tower of Babel (1595)
'La Construction de la Tour de Babel' Hendrick III van Cleve (1525 - 1589)
The Tower of Babel painted in 1587 by Lodewijk Toeput. The Judeo-Christian doctrine imputes the confusion of tongues.
Hendrik III van Cleve.The Tower of Babel

Hendrik III van Cleve - Tower of Babel - (Kröller Müller Museum) 
Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Tower of Babel (Vienna), 1563
Lucas Van Valckenborch. Tower of Babel by Lucas van Valckenborch in 1594
Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568 - 1625)
Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Tower of Babel (Rotterdam), around 1563. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam
Momper, Joos de (1564 - 1635) - The Tower of Babel
The Tower of Babel, did it exist
Tower of Babel by an Unknown artist 
The Tower of Babel paint by the Belgian artist Tobias Verhaecht 
Unknown artist - The Tower of Babel
Tower of Babel - Unknown artist 
Bruegel the elder tower of babel detail
The Tower of Babel
Engraving The Confusion of Tongues by Gustave Doré (1865)

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