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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Edmund Blair Leighton ( British artist, 1853 – 1922)

Edmund Blair Leightonwas the son of the artist Charles Blair Leighton. He was educated at University College School, before becoming a student at the Royal Academy Schools. Leighton was an historical genre painter who is best known for paintings of regency and medieval times. The paintings are sentimental, but are still extremely popular as posters and prints. Very little is known about the artist. He married Katherine Nash in 1885 and they went on to have a son and daughter. He exhibited annually at the Royal Academy from 1878 to 1920. Leighton was a fastidious craftsman, producing highly-finished, decorative pictures. It would appear that he left no diaries, and though he exhibited at the Royal Academy for over forty years, he was never an Academician or an Associate.
A Wet Sunday Morning
Signing the Register
Wedding march
Market Day
The Galant

The glance that enchants
The Hostage
Lady in a Garden
Sweet solitude
The Ticket
The Piano Lesson
The request
 Til Death Do Us Part
Summer Roses
The Windmiller's Guest
The Elopement
The Galant 
Where there's a will
My Next-Door Neighbour
* * *
Duty FSR, 1883
A Favour
A Source of Admiration

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