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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sir William Charles Ross (British artist, 1794-1860)

Jane Elizabeth Digby, Lady Ellenborough (1807 - 1881)
English Aristocrat and Public Figure. Throughout her life, Jane Elizabeth Digby Ellenborough el-Mazrab (usually known in Western works as Lady Jane Ellenborough) would be a constant figure in European society pages, learning as many as nine languages and establishing a reputation as an artist and bon vivant. Married at age 17 to Edward Law, Lord Ellenborough, Lady Jane left him early on to pursue adventures in Continental Europe after having a child with another man. She later married Baron Karl Vennigen in Munich, with whom she would have two more children. Growing restless with her hostess role, she would leave Vennigen for Greek Count Spiridion Theotoky. Vennigen challenged Theotoky to a duel over Jane, but Theotoky survived and later married Jane in Greece, where they had a son, Leonidis, together. Following Leonidis' accidental death and Theotoky's many affairs, Jane left the Greek nobleman for Albanian brigand hero Xristodoulos Hadji-Petros, commander in the Greek War for Independence. This scandal caused Hadji-Petros to fall from the good graces of the Greek royal family, and Jane left him to study Middle Eastern culture in Syria. While there, she met Arab nobleman Sheik Abdul Medjuel El Mezrab, who would be her final husband. Impressing the Mezrab family with her knowlege of horses, Jane eventually became a leading figure in Arab society, visiting Europe several times in Islamic garb and critiquing Richard Burton's "Arabian Knights." One of her last journal entries reads: "It is now a month and 20 days since Medjuel last slept with me! What can be the reasons?”

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