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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Alphonse Mucha (Czech, 1860-1939)

Art Nouveau fans worldwide know, love and can't live without the works of Czech artist Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939). However, there was much more to Mucha's output than his fabulous Parisian theater posters and advertisements. Alfons Mucha offers a retrospective look at the artist's career through some 250 of his paintings, drawings, pastels, lithographs, book illustrations, tapestries... Mucha, a Czech artist who is famous for his contribution to the Art Nouveau style of art.

Woman with Daisies, 1898-99

Holy Mount Athos
The Apotheosis of the Slavs
Svantovit Celebration on the Island of Rügen, 1912
The Allegory of Bosnia Herzegovina, 1900
Heraldic Schivarly

Young Girl in a Moravian Castume
Winter Night
Woman in the Wilderness

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