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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Asphalt Renaissance: The Pavement Art and 3-D Illusions of Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner is an artist with an international following. He is best known for his invention of 3-D pavement art. Wenner was inspired by anamorphic perspective, but had to invent an entirely new geometry in order to create his astonishing 3-D pavement art images.
Kurt Wenner is an artist who originally worked for NASA as an advanced scientific space illustrator. He became very taken by the abilities of artists from the Renaissance, and he left NASA and moved to Rome to explore the works of the great masters. He now works in a variety of forms, and even designs houses, but one art form he has become famous for is street painting. This tradition is supposed to have started in Italy in the 16th century, where artists would use chalk and pastel to create images on the ground. They were originally known as Madonnari, since many of their images were of the Madonna. Passers by would throw coins, which is how the artists would make their living. Kurt Wenner has combined traditional street painting techniques together with his interest in classical art, to create an art form all his own. (http://kurtwenner.com/)
Greenpeace Million Signatures
Absolut Wenner
Incident at Waterloo

Wild Rodeo
Einstein is Impressed
Rainforest on the Thames
The Mummy
The Tall Ship
Armchair Traveler
The Moneypit
Ceres Banquet
Triumph of Puck
Perseus and Medusa
The Big Lunch
The Ghetto

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