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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Friday, May 24, 2013

Charles Bertrand d'Entraygues (French artist, 1851-1914)

Charles d’Entraygues was born in Brives in 1851. He studied at the ‘ École des Beaux-Arts’ in Toulouse, then became a student of Pils in Paris. In 1876 he exhibited " l’embarras du choix " ("Too great a choice") at the Artists’ Exhibition. He was awarded with a distinction in 1899 and is made a member of the Society of French Artists in 1904. He left Paris in 1906 and settled in Vernon, in the Eure region. As a genre and landscape painter, he specialised in scenes of a humorous nature, featuring children. He enjoyed painting choir children during their playtime. In the "maîtrise d’Écouan", a painting similar to the one we are showing, one can read in the illustration "a similar subject which has already been painted many times by a great number of painters as they are seduced by the diversity of all these fresh faced children, by the rebellion of their expressions and their mischievous looks. It is therefore refreshing to see that Monsieur d’Entraygues has had a go at varying a theme which is no longer new, by giving it an unexpected flavour, thanks to his skill and his talent" . From 1901 to 1904 at the Exhibition of French Artists he presented subjects which are very similar to the one shown, because it shows young choir children devoting themselves to various games during their playtime.
The Ambush
The Parade
The Coach Ride
Watch the Birdie
Interior with Children at Play

A Rose For Your Sweetheart
Lesson In Patience
Children Playing
Game of marbles
The Decisive Blow
Table Children

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