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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Friday, May 24, 2013

Jan Brueghel the Elder (Dutch artist, 1568-1625)

Jan Brueghel the Elder is one of the most important Flemish painters of the early 17th century. He developed his own individual style at an early stage. His small-format landscape paintings, true-to-life floral works and richly detailed allegories were ground-breaking for Flemish Baroque painting.
Blazon of the Chamber of rhetoric
The Rest on the Flight into Egypt
A Bacchanal by Jan Brueghel the Elder and Hendrik van Balen I, ca. 1608 - 1616.
Feast of Achelous - Jan Brueghel and his friend Rubens collaborated on a number of mythological and religious pictures about 1610–20. In this panel Rubens designed and painted the figure groups and Brueghel painted everything else. The river god Acheloüs explains to the Greek hero Theseus that a distant island is his former lover Perimele, transformed by Neptune so that she could remain forever within the river’s embrace.
Feast of Achelous,  Jan Brueghel and  Peter Paul Rubens

Flora and Zephyr
Ceres and the Four Elements
The Rape of Proserpina
Pluto and Persephone
Diana and Actaeon
The Garden of Eden 
The Garden of Eden 
The preaching of John the Baptist
Allegory of Earth
Allegory of Plenty
Returning from the War
A Garden with Vertumnus and Pomona
Landscape with Mill and Carts
Road Scene with Travellers and Cattle
The Cattle Market 
Travellers on a Country Road, with Cattle and Pigs

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