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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Thursday, May 16, 2013

John Collier (English painter, 1850 - 1934)

English painter and writer. He was the younger son of Sir Robert Perret Collier (later Lord Monkswell), a distinguished lawyer and MP, and was educated at Eton. After being introduced to Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, he studied at the Slade School of Art, London, under Edward Poynter, moved to Paris where he studied under Jean-Paul Laurens and then went to Munich. Collier sent a steady stream of portraits and subject pictures to the Royal Academy from 1870 until the end of his life. As a portrait painter he emulated the mature work of John Everett Millais, but his glowering statesmen and confident captains of industry are reminiscent more of the dourness of Frank Holl's portraits. Collier also revealed a much lighter side, especially in his theatrical portraits. Despite his rather unexciting and flat use of paint, Collier’s strong and surprising sense of colour created a disconcerting verisimilitude in both mood and appearance, and his writings on art encourage the strictest and most literal imitation of nature.
Queen Guinevere's Maying
The Death Of Cleopatra
The Land Baby

Horace and Lydia
The Butterfly
Reclining Woman
 Sleeping Beauty
In the Venusberg Tannhäuser
The Amber Necklace
Souvenir of Chu Chin Chow

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