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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Paul Delaroche (French, 1797-1856)

French painter, one of the leading pupils of Gros. He achieved great popularity with his melodramatic history scenes, engravings of his work hanging in thousands of homes. Often he chose subjects from English history, as with two of his most famous works, The Little Princes in the Tower (Louvre, Paris, 1831) and The Execution of Lady Jane Grey (National Gallery, London, 1833). They are Romantic in flavour, but academically impeccable in their draughtsmanship and detailing. After a period when such pictures were totally out of favour, his work is once again being treated seriously.

Hémicycle des Beaux by Paul Delaroche
The main image shows the central portion of Delaroche's large Hemicycle, where the most famous artists of Classical antiquity (left to right: Ictinus, Apelles, and Phidias) preside over allegorical figures of the arts. To the left of the stairs are Gothic and Greek art, while Roman and Renaissance face them on the right. See also the images of the left and right portions of the mural, where an elite group of artists are assembled, including Leonardo da Vinci and Nicholas Poussin.
Central portion of  L'Hémicycle des Beaux-arts by Paul Delaroche.
section 1 of the Hémicycle
section 3 of the Hémicycle
Peter the Great

Napoléon Bonaparte abdicated in Fontainebleau
Bonaparte Crossing the Alps
 Cardinal Mazarin's Last Sickness
The Assassination of the duc de Guise
Saint Veronic
Cromwell before the Coffin of Charles I
Resting on the Banks of the Tiber
The State Barge of Cardinal Richelieu on the Rhone
Cardinal Richelieu
The Death of Elizabeth I, Queen of England
Joan of Arc in Prison
St Cecilia and the Angels
The Girondins

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