"Talent works, genius creates."
- Robert Schumann
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paintings and art-collection blog

Monday, May 27, 2013

Philip Boileau (Canada, 1863-1917) - Vintage Postcards

 Philip Boileau (pronounced Bwa-low as in swallow) was born on June 7, 1863 (not 1864) in Quebec, Canada. Philip Boileau was well known for his talent of painting highly respected & noble women. Philip Boileau most famous piece was “Peggy Head” a portrait of his wife, who appeared repeatedly in Philip Boileau's portraits. If you would like to see more images by Philip Boileau or purchase them, you may visit   He died on January 18, 1917. This information is listed on his death certificate, which is registered with the city and state of New York.


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