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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Anne-Francois-Louis Janmot (1814 – 1892 French painter and poet)

Fleur des champs
Louis Janmot (self-portrait, 1832)

Poem of the Soul  
He was born in Lyon and studied art at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, beginning in 1831. In 1833 he went to Paris. There, and later in Rome, he studied under Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. Like Jean-Hippolyte Flandrin, another painter from Lyon and student of Ingres, Janmot carried out many commissions for church decorations. In his paintings the immaculate finish of Ingres was combined with a mysticism that has parallels in the work of his contemporaries the Nazarenes and the Pre-Raphaelites. His most significant work, a cycle of 18 paintings and 16 drawings, with verse, called La Poème de l'âme, occupied him for 40 years. Janmot has been seen as a transitional figure between Romanticism and Symbolism.
1. Divine Generation
2. Passage of souls
3. The Angel and the Mother
4. Spring
5. Memories of the sky
6. Under the Paternal Roof
7. The bad Path
8. Nightmare
9. The Grain of Wheat
10. Premiere Communion
11. Virginitas
12. The Golden ladder
 13. Sunbeams
14. On the Mountain
15. One Evening
16. The Soul's Flight
17. The Ideal
18.  Reality
Janmot dedicated his life to one ideal, an obsession to create a great breath of Christian thought and art. The soul was the noblest possession of mankind and for Janmot it was inspired by God in man. The soul was linked to Jesus and had to be preserved. Did Janmot think to create the ultimate artistic work that would convince the world of his ideas? We will never know, but we have to recognise the work of a genius, tormented by the struggle for ideas in his times, the struggle for the soul, but unwavering in his conviction of the prevalence and higher value of Christian spirituality.

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