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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Carl Reichert Paintings (Austrian artist, 1836 – 1918)

Just look at the eyes of each animal. They tell the story.  This artist had to be an animal lover. I don’t think you could put the full essence of the animals onto canvas without loving them.
The blue bow
Sanguine and Choleric
Born in 1836, Carl Reichert undoubtedly received his first art lessons from his father, a portrait and animal painter, and probably absorbed much information from his theatre decorator brother and two artist uncles. Reichert attended the Academy of Drawing in Gratz, studying under Josef Ernst Turner and Ernst Christian Moser. Later he studied in Munich and Rome. On his return to Austria, Reichert painted genre scenes, animals and city views, first of Vienna, then of Gratz. He was and is most noted for his portrayal of animals. Reichert died in 1918.
The Poodle's Friends
Junger Mops
Junger Dackel

The Kittens Recital
Studio Assistants
Kittens at Teatime
Dog Family

The great Dane
St Bernhard
Up to no good
Cats in the Boudoir
Mother's pride and joy
A Christmas Treat
Cats and the cockatoo
Parrot and Pugs

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