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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Edwin Lord Weeks (1849 – 1903, American artist)

Edwin Lord Weeks - A leading American orientalist. He was born at Boston, Massachusetts, in 1849. He was a pupil of Léon Bonnat and of Jean-Leon Gerome, at Paris. He made many voyages to the East, and was distinguished as a painter of oriental scenes.Weeks' parents were affluent spice and tea merchants from Newton, a suburb of Boston and as such they were able to accept, probably encourage, and certainly finance their son's youthful interest in painting and travelling. 
Sketch, Two Nautch Girls
Man in Armour
The Taj Mahal
As a young man Edwin Lord Weeks visited the Florida Keys to draw and also travelled to Surinam in South America. His earliest known paintings date from 1867 when Edwin Lord Weeks was eighteen years old, although it is not until his Landscape with Blue Heron, dated 1871 and painted in the Everglades, that Weeks started to exhibit a dexterity of technique and eye for composition presumably having taken professional tuition. In 1895, he wrote and illustrated a book of travels, From the Black Sea through Persia and India, and two years later he published Episodes of Mountaineering. He died in November 1903. He was a member of the Légion d'honneur, France, an officer of the Order of St. Michael, Germany, and a member of the Secession, Munich. (wikipedia)
At Fatehpur Sikri
The Snake Charmers Bombay
Royal Procession Before the Jumna Masjid
Girl in a Moorish Courtyard
Of The Ganges

Before A Mosque
For The Hunt
Of The Fortress At Agra India
Royal Elephant
Craftsman Selling Cases By A Teak Wood Building Ahmedabad
Indian Prince And Parade Ceremony
The Metalsmiths Shop
Departure For The Hunt
Indian Prince Palace Of Agra
The Temple And Tank Of Walkeshwar At Bombay
Caravan Outside The City of Morocco
Feeding The Sacred Pigeons Jaipur
Along the Ghats, Mathura
An Open Air Restaurant Lahore
A Marketplace In Ispahan

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