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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Elisabeth Louise Vigee LeBrun (1755 – 1842, French)

Louise, Elisabeth Vigée-LeBrun was the most renowned female painter of the 18th Century. She was best known for her neoclassical portraits and her service as official portraitist to Marie Antoinette. Vigée-LeBrun was a child prodigy, earning a living from portraiture at the age of 15. While still a teenager, she joined the centuries-old Parisian painters’ guild, the Académie de Saint Luc. Eyebrows were raised, when she married art dealer Jean-Baptiste-Pierre LeBrun who was twice her age.
More pictures of the -  Elisabeth Louise Vigee LeBrun
Duchesse de Guiche - 1784
 The marriage was brief, thanks to rumoured extra-marital affairs, but LeBrun’s connections helped her career. In 1776, Vigée-LeBrun first painted Marie Antoinette. The queen was so delighted with her work that she commissioned Vigée-LeBrun to make more than 30 portraits of her. But this meant that Vigée-LeBrun had to flee after the fall of the Bastille. Vigée-LeBrun took exile in Russia, Italy and Austria, making her living painting aristocrats until her eventual return to France. In addition to her Marie Antoinette portraits, Vigee-Lebrun’s most famous works include Alexandra and Elena Pavlovna and Self-Portrait In Turban With Julie.
Elisabeth de Bourbon (1764–1794), Princess of France, Madame Elisabeth
The comte d'Espagnac
Lady Hamilton (1761–1815), as a Bacchante
Self Portrait
Martine Gabrielle Yoland de Polastron 
Madame Perregaux
Mademoiselle Brongniart

Madame Molу Reymond, 1786
Portrait Anne Catherine 
Arabella Diana Cope, Duchess of Dorset
Maria Ivanovna Bilibina nеe Kusova. M.I Kusova heiress of a merchant of St. Petersbourg married Yakov Ivanovich Bilibin son of Big Bilibin Ivan Kharitonovich  
Princess Maria Cristina di Borbone, 1790
Duchesse de Caderousse, 1784
Marie Antoinette par Elisabeth Vigеe, 1783
Elizabeth Alexeevna
Marie Antoinette
Self Portrait
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