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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Friedrich von Amerling (Austrian painter, 1803 - 1887)

Friedrich von Amerling was a painter of exceptional forte, widely spatted for his sentimental, simple and pious view of the world in a realistic way in his portrait paintings. One of the biggest exponents of Biedermeier Painting Movement, this 19th century painter contributed humongously to the development of this influential painting style.
Princess Marie Franziska of Liechtensein
Born into nobility, this blue-blooded artist exhibited outstanding skills so far his clarity of contour and rich coloration was concerned. In that way, his painting style, to a certain extent, was inspired by that of Ingres. In other words, he was the most outstanding Austrian portrait painters of the 19th century. Apart from being a portrait painter, he also showed great skill in painting historic, genre, and landscape paintings. Amerling, besides being a painter, was also a teacher who taught Hungarian painter József Borsos. He mainly worked for aristocracy. He is still remembered as a legendary painter of the 19th century. Read the biography of Friedrich von Amerling to know about his life in detail:
Girl in profile with a black mantilla
Oriental Woman
Countess Julie von Woyna
Young Girl
Young Woman with Pigeon
Sleeping fisherwoman
The Drowsy One

Lute Player
Girl in Yellow Hat
Mother And Children
Portrait of Princess Caroline of Liechtenstein between the ages of one and a half years
Immersed in dreams
Portrait of a Boy
Reading Girl
Josef von Amerling
Portrait of Elise Kreuzberger
The Artist's Mother
Likeness of a Girl
Study of a Lutanist
Princess Marie Franziska von Liechtenstein
Portrait of Marie Paterno, née Nemetschke, the fourth and last wife of Amerling
Emperor Franz I of Austria in his Coronation Robes
Portrait of Franz I, emperor of Austria

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