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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

THEMED PAINTINGS - Venus - Goddess of Love

The world's famous artists have created numerous beautiful images of Venus with their own imaginations or as the reflections of their models. To look at these Venus masterpieces is a real enchant enjoyment.

Sandro Botticelli,  The Birth of Venus, 1483 - 1485
Giorgio Vasari, The Birth of Venus,1556 - 1558
Venus meant "charm" and this Roman goddess certainly knew how to do that! Although she was a latecomer to Roman mythology, she rose quickly among the ranks. Like the Greek goddess Aphrodite whose mythology she inherited, the Roman goddess Venus assumed the divine responsibility for love, beauty, and sexuality, not to mention marriage, procreation, and domestic bliss. Venus was the ultimate multi-tasker! She was also known as the Venus Verticordia, goddess of chastity in women, (despite her numerous randy affairs with gods and mortals), as Venus Victrix, the goddess of victory in war, and also a nature goddess, associated with gardens and the arrival of spring. When her son Aeneas fled Troy and founded the Roman race, Venus became known as the divine ancestor of the Roman people (the Venus Genetrix) and was treated with special honor.Venus had many identities before she came to Rome – Inanna, Ishtar/Astarte, and the Greek goddess Aphrodite. She had been recognized since the beginning of time as the brightest “star” in the heavens, except, of course, for the Sun.The primordial Venus (Inanna, Ishtar, and Astarte) was a triple goddess – the morning (and evening) star represented her as the maiden who rose every morning, renewed in her youthful beauty, then waxing into her fullness of motherhood, and next becoming the crone, gradually waning in her power and strength but planting the seed of wisdom for the next cycle as she faded into the darkness of eternal night. Because of her association with love and with feminine beauty, the Roman goddess Venus has been a favorite subject in art and poetry. To this day she is a cultural icon of love and beauty, a reminder of the awesome power of female radiance and beauty.
Gustave Moreau,  Venus Rising from the Sea,  1866
Bronzino, Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time (Allegory of the Triumph of Venus), 1540 - 1545
Bronzino, Venus, Cupido and Satyr, 1553 - 1555
Alexandre Cabanel, The Birth of Venus , 1875
Diego Velazquez, Toilet of Venus, 1647 - 1651

A Hymn To Venus Sappho
 O Venus, beauty of the skies,
To whom a thousand temples rise,
Gaily false in gentle smiles,
Full of love-perplexing wiles;
O goddess, from my heart remove
The wasting cares and pains of love.
If ever thou hast kindly heard
A song in soft distress preferred,
Propitious to my tuneful vow,
A gentle goddess, hear me now.
Descend, thou bright immortal guest,
In all thy radiant charms confessed.
Sandro Botticelli, Venus and Mars, 1483

Thou once didst leave almighty Jove
And all the golden roofs above:
The car thy wanton sparrows drew,
Hovering in air they lightly flew;
As to my bower they winged their way
I saw their quivering pinions play.
The birds dismissed (while you remain)
Bore back their empty car again:
Then you, with looks divinely mild,
In every heavenly feature smiled,
And asked what new complaints I made,
And why I called you to my aid?
What frenzy in my bosom raged,
And by what cure to be assuaged?
What gentle youth I would allure,
Whom in my artful toils secure?
Who does thy tender heart subdue,
Tell me, my Sappho, tell me who?
Titian, Venus of Urbino, 1538
Though now he shuns thy longing arms,
He soon shall court thy slighted charms;
Though now thy offerings he despise,
He soon to thee shall sacrifice;
Though now he freezes, he soon shall burn,
And be thy victim in his turn.
Celestial visitant, once more
Thy needful presence I implore.
In pity come, and ease my grief,
Bring my distempered soul relief,
Favour thy suppliant's hidden fires,
And give me all my heart desires.
Sandro Botticelli, Spring, 1482
Annibale Carracci, Venus, Adonis and Cupid,  1590
Hans von Aachen, Venus and Adonis with hounds, 1602
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Venus and Vulcan, 1765 - 1766
François Boucher,  The Triumph of Venus (The Birth of Venus), 1740
Paolo Veronese, Venus and Adonis, 1580
François Boucher, Vulcan Presenting Venus with Arms for Aeneas, 1757
Titian, Venus and Adonis, 1555 - 1560
Nicolas Poussin, Mars and Venus, 1633 - 1634
Nicolas Poussin, Mars and Venus, 1630
BackerJacob Adriaensz,Venus and Adonisc, 1650
Peter Paul  Rubens, Venus and Adonis
Charles Joseph Natoire, Venus and Adonis
Saraceni Carlo, Venus and Marsc, 1600
Salvador Dali, Venus with Cupids
Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Venus Verticordia, 1868
Titian, Venus with a Mirror, 1555
François Boucher, The Toilet of Venus, 1750
François Boucher, Venus Disarming Cupid, 1742
Paolo Veronese, Mars and Venus United by Love, 1578
Paolo Veronese, Mars, Venus and Cupid, 1580
Titian,Venus Rising from the Sea ('Venus Anadyomene', 1520
William-Adolphe Bouguereau, The Birth of Venus, 1879
Paolo Veronese, Venus and Amor, 1575 - 1590

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