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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Paul Signac - French neo-impressionist painter (1863 - 1935)

Paul Signac was born in Paris, France, on November 11, 1863. His family, who were prosperous shopkeepers, encouraged him to study architecture. However, his early interest in painting continued into his young adulthood, and he left school in 1880 after seeing an exhibition of Claude Monet's work. Dedicating himself to an artistic career, Signac took lessons with artist Emile Bin in the bohemian Paris neighborhood of Montmartre. His first painting was dated 1881. His early works were colorful landscapes of the Paris suburbs, painted outdoors; they showed the influence of Monet, Sisley and other Impressionist artists.
Bank of the Seine Near the Pont des Arts with a View of the Louvre
Banks of the Seine
Large Pine, Saint-Tropez
City Square
Fisherman in a Boat Near a Bank of the Seine
Harbour at Marseilles
Sailing Ships

Harbor with Sailboat, Tugboat, and Barge
Sailboat at a Pier
Sailboats at a Pier in Honfleur
Sailboats in the Harbor of Les Sables-d'Olonne
Sailboats with Holiday Flags at a Pier in Saint-Malo
Square of the Hotel de Ville in Aix-en-Provence
Street with a Frame House in Normandy
Suspension Bridge in Les Andelys
Tugboat and Barge in Samois
Two Barges, Boat, and Tugboat in Samois

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