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- Robert Schumann

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Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Art's painting collection of Ludmila

Monday, February 15, 2016

Vida Gabor (Hungarian, 1937-1999)

His mother was an opera singer and a member of the royal Hungarian opera, his father was an architect. In 1945 Vida Gabor visited the catholic piarist grammar school until it became socialised.
Stargazers in Paris
 In 1947 his parents noticed that Vida Gabor was able to play back exactly classical music on the flute just based on hearing. He was celebrated as a wunderkind and was admitted to the “Ferenc Liszt music academy”. There he was a student of Professor Ferenc Hochstrasser. At the same time he visited the music grammar school in Budapest where he graduated. In 1950 he began to paint autodidactic pictures with water- and oil colours. He gave many concerts as the soloist in the Budapest philharmonic orchestra in Hungary and in numerous European cities. Parallel to that he worked on many orders for paintings. In 1961 Vida Gabor quitted his professorship for flute, which he had done for 16 years.
 In the workshop of woodcarver
The disappointing school report

Charles-Alexandre Coessin De La Fosse (French, 1829-1910)

 Confidential Conversation
 De La Fosse 
 L'Ecuyere de Cirque 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Giovanni Costa (1826-1903). Italian painter

Giovanni Costa Italian painter, was born in Rome. He fought under Garibaldi in 1848, and served as a volunteer in the war of 1859; and his enthusiasm for Italian unity was actively shown again in 1870, when he was the first to mount the breach in the assault of Rome near the Porta Pia. He had settled meanwhile at Florence, where his fight for the independence of art from worn-out traditions was no less strenuous, and he became known as a landscape-painter of remarkable originality, and of great influence in the return to minute observation of nature. He had many English friends and followers, notably Matthew Ridley Corbet (1850-1902), and Lord Carlisle, and was closely associated with Corot and the Barbizon school. In later years he lived and worked mainly in Rome, where his studio was an important centre. An exhibition of his pictures was held in London in 1904, and he is represented in the Tate Gallery. He died at Rome in 1903. 

 Two Girls Singing

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys (1829-1904) - British art

Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys (born Antonio Frederic Augustus Sands) (Norwich 1 May 1829 – 25 June 1904 London), but usually known as Frederick Sandys, was an English Pre-Raphaelite painter, illustrator and draughtsman, of the Victorian era
Portrait Of Miss Doris Simonette Catto
Study for a Woman's Head

Huguette Clark (1906-2011), American art

Huguette was born in 1906 to great privilege. At the time of her birth her illustrious father William A. Clark was a United States senator from Huguette Clark was an extremely wealthy heiress who celebrated her youth in the roaring twenties, but in 1930 she abandoned everything and never appeared in public again. Her large mansions and estates lay empty for decades and she remained in a reclusive state for the rest of her life. Nobody knows why. She died on May 24th 2011 aged 104.
  Japanese bridge with wysteria
 Scene from My Window - Night

Monday, February 8, 2016

George Goodwin Kilburne(1839-1924, English)

George Goodwin Kilburne(1839-1924, English) was an English genre painter specialising in accurately drawn interiors with figures. He favoured the watercolour medium, although he also worked in oils, pencil and - in his early career.
In The Garden
Mother and daughter fetching water

Lin Hukui (Lam Wu-fui) (1945, China)

Lin Hukui he graduated from the Universal Fine Arts Academy, where he furthered his studies in animal anatomy, drawing, graphic and commercial design. He was a graphic designer, an illustrator, and became a full-time artist and an instructor on 1978. He studied the Lingnan School of contemporary flora and fauna painting under Zhao Shao’ang and studied landscape painting under Leung Baiyu. His works are a refreshing fusion of western and eastern artistic techniques. The variety of subjects in his paintings are each marked by special traits.

He has held solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, England, Germany, Australia, and the United States. His paintings have been accepted in over fifty joint watercolor exhibitions throughout the United States. Major public and private collectors have collected some of his paintings.

Anton Doll (German, 1826-1887)

Anton Doll German painter

Reges Treiben in einem winterlich verschneiten Dorf
 Anton Doll began studying law in Munich, before he turned towards painting. In 1852, he became a member of the Munich Art Association that had exhibited his paintings from very early on. Doll was influenced by Carl August Lebschée and Adolf Stademann, and his main subject was the city of Munich. Besides his historical architectural paintings with a few staffage figures, he painted wintry landscapes, clearly influenced by the great Dutch old masters. Today, works by Doll can be seen, for example, in the New Pinakothek in Munich, and in the Graphic Collection of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.

Pierre de Clausade (French, 1910-1976)

Pierre de Clausade

Pierre de Clausade was born in Paris on April 15, 1910 and trained as an architect before turning to painting. After attending the Beaux-Arts Academy in Paris, Pierre de Clausade began endless experiments in an effort to develop an entirely personal method of expression. He goal was to develope a style that is unique, and highly recognizable by anyone who sees his paintings today. Pierre de Clausade exhibited regularly at the Societe des Beaux Arts. In 1945, he was accepted as a member of the Salon d'Hiver. With the continuance of his Salon exhibitions, Clausade began receiving invitations to exhibit more extensively including in Rio de Janeiro, Boston, New York and Dallas. In 1955, Clausade won the Prix de Poésie in Paris.

Samuel Edmund Waller was an English painter of genre pictures.

Samuel Edmund Waller (British, 1850-1903) 

 Old English country life strongly attracted his imagination, and furnished him with the romantic incidents which formed the subjects of his most notable pictures, and their backgrounds were frequently taken from Elizabethan houses in his native county or elsewhere in England. Many of his pictures are well known by reproductions and engravings throughout the English-speaking world. 

The originals are in many cases in private ownership in America and Australia as well as in England. Waller's great knowledge of horses and his skill in representing them gave his work much vogue among sportsmen. He took great pains in studying animals, and related some of his experiences in articles contributed to the 'Art Journal' . His pictures usually tell a story effectively and dramatically, but he was more of an illustrator than a genuine artist

Carl Heinrich Hoff - German painter

Carl Heinrich Hoff, the Elder (German, 1838-1890)

Carl Heinrich Hoff, the Elder, was a genre painter, born in Mannheim. He was schooled 1855-1858 with JW Schirmer and Des Coudres at the School of Fine Art in Carolsruhe. From 1858-1861 he trained at the Düsseldorf Academy. His travels took him to France, Italy, Greece and England. He became a professor of the Academy. Hoff exhibited in Berlin, Vienna, London, Munich and Melbourne, winning numerous medals for his work.
The entreaty
The betrothal