"Talent works, genius creates."
- Robert Schumann
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paintings and art-collection blog

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Huguette Clark (1906-2011), American art

Huguette was born in 1906 to great privilege. At the time of her birth her illustrious father William A. Clark was a United States senator from Huguette Clark was an extremely wealthy heiress who celebrated her youth in the roaring twenties, but in 1930 she abandoned everything and never appeared in public again. Her large mansions and estates lay empty for decades and she remained in a reclusive state for the rest of her life. Nobody knows why. She died on May 24th 2011 aged 104.
  Japanese bridge with wysteria
 Scene from My Window - Night

 Portrait of a Geisha, in an interior holding a fan before a painted screen
 Portrait of a Geisha, in an interior dancing, fan and shamisen player
 Portrait of a Geisha before a screen reading a letter
Portrait of a Geisha holding a smoking pipe
 Still life with Rock Crystal Guanyin and Japanese Fan
Portrait of a Geisha holding a smoking pipe

Self-Portrait Holding Palette
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